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Australian Projects


Location of Roll Front – Uaroo ProjectThe Uaroo Project tenements (E08/1494 and E08/1495) were located 130 km to the south of Onslow in the Carnavon Basin, WA. Both exploration licences were granted to IGC (Australia) Pty Ltd (IGC) on 3 July 2006 for a period of 5 years. IGC sold its interest in the tenements to Atomic Resources (Atomic) in 2007. The transfers to Atomic (name changed to IEC) were registered with the DMP on 18 March 2014.

Cauldron Energy Limited (Cauldron) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Atomic (now IEC) in 2008, to explore the licences for uranium. Under the terms of the agreement, Cauldron has since earned a 70% interest in the uranium mineral rights within E08/1494 and E08/1495. In accordance with the JVA, Cauldron is the manager/operator of the Uaroo tenements.

The tenements were not renewed on 2 July 2015 and so have expired.



The tenement in the Ashburton Mineral Field has been surrendered.



Intra Energy has surrendered its tenements in the Eraheedy Project.